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Citing Sources

Bibliographies are easy with is a tool that helps you create your Works Cited (bibliography). It's free and easy to use.

Writers must cite (give credit to) sources they use when researching and writing papers.

An author's words belong to him/her. When you use, quote, or refer to another person's writing, illustrations, or photographs, in print or online, you must make a written list of your sources. If you do NOT cite sources, you plagiarize (steal) the work that belong to someone else, and act as if you crafted the words, ideas, illustrations, or photos  yourself. This is true even if you change the words somewhat from what the author wrote. If you plagiarize at Oak Harbor Intermediate, you will be disciplined.  Please cite your sources.

Use Modern Language Association (MLA) Style.

All schools you attend from now on will require you to cite your sources.  Several styles are available, but Oak Harbor Public Schools uses the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style.

Keep a source sheet while you research.

Write down the titles, authors, publishers, publication dates, and for online sources, record URLs (Web address). You can use the form below to help you record your sources while you research.

Ask the librarian, or your ELA teacher for help citing sources.


Works Cited Model

Source Citation Format