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We offer Physical Education, Band, Music, and Art as part of our elective opportunities. All students will also have access to the Library on a regular basis. Please review the information below based on the grade level of your student.   

If you have questions about how to select your elective, please don’t hesitate to contact Grant Finney (Student last name A-L) at or (360) 279-5312 or Chandra Mays (Student last names M-Z) at or (360) 279-5311. 

If you have specific questions about an individual elective program, please contact the appropriate staff members below.

5th Grade Electives

Fifth-grade students are automatically assigned a trimester of each elective: Art, Music, and Introduction to Band. Students interested in having yearlong band will have the option of a 5th-grade zero-period band class. 


6th Grade Electives

6th Grade Beginning Band: This class offers an opportunity for any 6th-grade student to pursue an interest in learning to play an instrument that did not take (or have) the opportunity in 5th grade. This class is a yearlong performance class. Students will be expected to practice a minimum of 100 minutes per week. Rental costs (which is recommended), depending on the instrument, vary from $15-$35 per month with the first month’s rental and an additional one-month deposit paid in advance. Purchase costs vary from $150-$500 used or $500-$1500 new, again depending on the instrument. In addition to a financial commitment, consideration should be given to the time and practice commitment required by band students at home. Evening performances are an important part of this class.

6th Grade Intermediate Band: This class is a yearlong performance class. It is open to all students who took the band in 5th grade. While fundamentals and playing skills are still addressed with method books and the like, performance is the emphasis of this class. The function of the 6th Grade Intermediate Band is to study and perform the finest band literature that is appropriate to this level. Evening performances are an important part of this class.

6th Grade “Music and More”: If you like to sing, play percussion and string instruments, perform, learn about musicians, the history and culture around the world, and create your own music too, then this is the class for you.  Come join the fun and experience "Music and More" with Mrs. Hall.  

6th Grade Art: This class introduces students to a variety of techniques, mediums, different cultures, and art history.  Students will be focusing on the foundations of art, drawing with a variety of tools, and creating 2D works of art with an emphasis on making them look 3D.  Students will be creating individual art projects through the process of creating, presenting, responding, and connecting. 

Required Classes

The following are required for all 6th Grade students: ELA, Social Studies, Science, Math, Physical Education and Health, PAWS (Enrichment/Intervention)