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About OHI

About Oak Harbor Intermediate School

Where Students Grow

Oak Harbor Intermediate School is the proud educational home to over 700 fifth and sixth-grade students, their families, teachers, and support staff. Our school is committed to educating each student to value learning and to achieve academic and personal growth. Oak Harbor Intermediate School has transitioned from a middle school and will be able to provide more opportunities for students in the fifth and sixth grades. We embrace progressive education practices that speak to the needs of our current and future students. 

What We Value

Our values focus on 3 pillars - Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness.  Our staff works with students to nurture these values, and they form the core foundation of our school culture. One example of this culture in action is our PAWS advisory time (PAWS means Positive Attitude + Work = Success), in which students meet Tuesday through Friday of each week to strengthen their reading, writing, math, and science skills, to learn about respectful and responsible teamwork, to learn how to become a leader, to deal with social situations, and to plan for the future.


Oak Harbor Intermediate School
150 SW 6th Street
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
fax: 360.279.5399



Student Safety Tipline

Mrs. Raenette Wood

Assistant Principal 
Mr. Jeffrey Beckley

Our Mascot
Rocky the Panther