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OHI Dance Club

Purpose: The purpose of the OHI Dance Club is to provide young dancers with an opportunity to parlicipate in an activity and develop sportsmanship, character, and competitiveness, as well as; encourage high standards, and develop or increase skills in
dance, responsibiIity, leadership and self-discipline.

Commitment: Once your child has committed to our club, the expectation is for them to be involved and participate from start to finish.
Courtesy and Respect: All students involved in the OHI Dance Club will be held to high standards of conduct. Communicating negatively about anyone in or outside our club will not be tolerated. Students are expected to show courtesy and respect to their teacher(s) and other students. Any student who exhibits repeated negative or disrespectful behavior will be dismissed from the club. Students are expected to be respectful, supportive, encouraging and are positive in spirit, attitude and behavior.

Attendance: I understand things happen and situations may arise that a student will have to miss a class, I am okay with this. I ask that there is communication when your child may not be able to attend. I will do the same if I am not able to run a class session. lf a child is often absent or late, there will be a probationary period placed. lf attendance does not meet the expectations, your child will be dismissed from the club.

Uniform/General Appearance: Students do not have to purchase specific items to participate in this club. I might recommend some items to enhance your child's experience to dance, but I will not require anything specific. I do recommend students
wear appropriate, athletic clothing when they come to our session.